J&K Bank Launches Wall Calendar for 2024, Download Here

Jammu And Kashmir bank

At the corporate headquarters, general managers and other senior officials applauded as MD and CEO of Jammu and Kashmir Bank Baldev Prakash revealed the J&K Bank’s Wall Calendar for the year 2024 in the presence of Executive Director Sudhir Gupta.

In its Wall Calendar-2024, the Bank, under the theme “Timeless Treasures,” highlights the rapidly developing tourism destinations on the maps of J&K and Ladakh UTs. On this occasion, he also unveiled the Bank’s e-Calendar for 2024.

“J&K Bank Calendar continues to be the most sought-after thing in J&K and Ladakh during this time of year, for people consider it as a prized souvenir worth round-year presence in their homes and offices across the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh,” MD & CEO Baldev Prakash said during the unveiling ceremony. Our calendars have demonstrated Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh along with their diversity to exhibit nature’s charming beauty weaving different cultures and varied geographies together into a uniquely beautiful tapestry, in addition to being an excellent tool for the Bank to promote its brand over the past several decades.

He acknowledged the overwhelming public sentiment as confirmation of the love and trust for the Bank in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. “With annual tourist arrival numbers burgeoning to over 2 crores, the theme of ‘Timeless Treasure’ for Calendar 2024 is also an attempt to further showcase and popularise some of the fast-emerging tourist destinations in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh,” he said.

“Since we are major players in the growth of the tourism industry and its related sectors, we also want to use the Bank’s brand appeal to draw attention to these rapidly developing destinations and make sure that major tour and travel companies both domestically and internationally include them on their itineraries,” he continued. The e-Calendar has also been maintained to further emphasise our presence on all digital platforms and guarantee that users can access our calendar whenever they want.

The MD & CEO remarked, “On this occasion, I also extend my best New Year wishes to the people and pray that the year 2024 finds them happy and healthy with peace and prosperity,” wishing the people of J&K and Ladakh and the Bank’s customers nationwide a happy and healthy new year.

The MD had previously received a briefing from the Bank’s General Manager, Syed Shafat Hussain Rufai, regarding the procedure that led to the creation of Calendar -2024. “People crave Wall Calendar at the start of a new year because it has an iconic place in J&K and Ladakh,” he remarked. It has been an excellent instrument for the Bank, J&K, and Ladakh to promote their brands. Additionally, its presence in people’s homes serves as a powerful tool for brand memory.

Notably, Tulip Garden in Sanasar Jammu, Hanle Village in Ladakh, Bangus Valley in Kupwara Kashmir, Botapathri in Gulmarg Kashmir, Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh, and Jai Valley in Bhaderwah Jammu are among the rapidly growing tourist destinations on the picturesque map of J&K and Ladakh covered by the Calendar.


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